Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shufflecomp 2014 Review: Eight Miles High, by Lambert Lambert

One-line summary: A nice odd short game about visiting a strange city.

Game inspired by: "Eight Miles High," by the Byrds. Thanks for picking a song I sent in!

Things I liked: The unsettled unfamiliar feel, this is faithful to the source song. The personnified limo. How vague are the directions early on.

Things I might like to see different:
  • More, please! A little extra atmosphere. I want to feel the rains more. I want the map to be some more large.
  • The ending has a key word in it that feels ironic and self-aware. This undercuts the feeling of the rest of the piece.
  • I needed to see RESTART, RESTORE et cetera made into links at the ending. I was playing in Windows Glulxe on Windows 7 and did not see these links, and the command line did not work at all.

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