Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shufflecomp 2014 Review: Truth, by John Earthling

One-line summary: A treasure hunt for fibs.

Game inspired by: "Truth!" by Ruthie Foster. Thanks for picking a song I sent in!

Things I liked: The puzzles are understandable, intuitive. Some of the lies are clever......for me personally the internet terminal is favorite. There's a hint of a larger meaning, some thing that's also hinted at in the source song: "truth" is somehow not quite there in our major institutions.

Things I might like to see different:
  • Less sarcasm, less extra absurdity. These things in this game sometimes feel awkward and leave "bad taste in my mouth."
  • More credible place details. As it is, if you cut away the absurd lines, most of these locations tend to be--I think you say "stock."
  • More connections between the different people and places of the town. You could have the preacher saying something about the art museum for example. Or some kids from the elementary school are on a "field" trip in the natural history museum. Or show the fortune teller having a ciggy break in the vacant lot lol.

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