Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shufflecomp 2014 Review: Invisible Parties, by Psychopup

One-line summary: Powerful women clash at a multi-world nexus social gathering.

Game inspired by: "Could This Really Be The End," by Emily Wells

Things I liked: There is so much going on, it's exciting. The writing is dense and confident. The sense of a fluidy unstable world is extremely convincing lol

Things I might like to see different:
  • More clarity all around please!
  • More implementation of the Three Rebeccas
  • More precise and understandable implementation of the GIFTS mechanic.
  • Some bugfixes, for example:
    • I would try talking to some NPC here and there but the parser would just show a blank line
    • There's a viking in one room but the parser didn't know that.
    • In Night Ride there's a stereo. I type LISTEN and get a blank line

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